Main goals:

  • Co-ordination of professional activities

  • To cultivate and promote Hungarian philosophical traditions

  • Participation in international activities and organizations

  • Enlarging professional communication, strengthening channels of information

  • Safeguarding of interests

  • Popularizing philosophical culture



  • Special Depatrments in different branches of philosophy, such as: Dep. of Ethics, Dep. of Phenomenology etc.

  • Organization and support of regular programmes, open debates, series of lectures, conferences, discussions

  • Inviting lecturers with international reputation

  • Publishing volumes, newsletter

  • Organizing and supervizing middle-school competitions in philosophy with national and international competence

  • Representing professional interests in different decision-making organizations, institutions at national level.


The Society is open for new members, currently 460 members registered.


President of HPhS:


Former Presidents of HPhS:
Ferenc TŐKEI, Tamás NYÍRI, Kristóf J. NYÍRI, Csaba PLÉH, Dezső CSEJTEI.


Special Departments:

  • History of Philosophy

  • Phenomenology

  • Philosophy of Religion

  • Hermeneutics

  • Ethics

  • Middle-School Teachers Work-group


All the Special Departments have indepent time-table and programmes under HPhS umbrella.


Honorary Guest Lecturers: The Hungarian Philosophical Society has the honour to invite a lecturer with international reputation in each year. Thus, we had cheerful occasions in the last years to listen and consult the following personalities: Jaakko Hintikka, Richard Swinburne, Manfred Frank, John Searle, Wolfgang Röd, Anthony A. Long and Pedro Ribas.

Publications:The HPhS has initiated MFT Hírek  in 1994, a newsletter quarterly published and posted for all members. The basic aim is to serve with news, information concerning publications, events with interest for philosophy in Hungarian language.

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Lukács György


Hamvas Béla


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